I am a smarty pants

When others mess up or try something risky or new, we often sit there and reassure ourselves that would never happen to us, we’d never make such mistakes, how didn’t they now that would happen, sometimes even laughing at them and thinking or even saying things like ‘who could be that stupid’.

It is not our judgements of what others can or can’t do or what they should know that will make a difference, it is what we are prepared to do ourselves that really counts.

It’s easy to be smarty pants as the observer but much braver as the doer to risk ridicule and failure. It is hard to step into the ring and face down the critics.

But the rewards of showing up are so much better than observing others.

My life is nothing

My life is nothing among the billions of lives.

My life matters to maybe just a small few among the billions.

Why then do we worry so much what others think?

If we matter to them, they will not reproach us or criticise or judge us. If they do, then perhaps they aren’t the people for our lives.

The rest, who we do not matter to, are of no importance.

When I end my journey what will be hard to overcome is what I didn’t do because of the fear of what others might have thought.

Do what matters, do it for the people who matter and, most importantly, that includes ourselves.

Do it now.