What a swizz

We are so conditioned to be driven by the outcome or result.

Our society is based on winners and losers, achievements and other things that can be easily measured by increases, like a bigger salary, a bigger house, a bigger job and so on.

The obsession with productivity, action and results is not enriching our lives it is killing our souls instead.

It is the biggest swizz of more modern history and the industrial age. We have allowed our worth to be linked to what we do or have. It’s great for keeping us as cogs in the machine, slaves to work, slaves to a lifestyle, slaves to debt, slaves to the mind.

An alternative is to accept that we are born worthy and will die worthy no matter what we achieve or have, thus freeing us from the conditioning and the mind to allow our souls to be free.

We can still do whatever we want, but we do not let it define or enslave us.

Our worth

Our self-worth is not the sum of what we have done or not, said or not, felt, or anything related to our past. Nor will it be determined by our future actions, words, thoughts and so on.

We are not what the mind dictates we are or we are worth, our self-worth is beyond the mind. Deep in our heart, we are always worthy and always will be, nothing can ever alter that.

If we start from that position of always being worthy, there is less to prove, well nothing to prove, nothing to act out, not feelings of inferiority or lack, no need for comparisons with others, we can simply be our authentic real self.

It starts with a simple choice, accept that we are worthy or listen to the noise of our minds.