Worth is unconditional

When we let go of measuring our worth in terms of what we own, what we earn, where we live, the friends we have, the job title on our business cards, what we have done, how big our house is, what we wear…the list goes on, then we realise that we do not have to measure our worth at all. We do not need to compare ourselves to anyone to see if we are worthy.

Worth is not conditional, like love, it comes from our soul and is totally unconditional. We are worthy from the moment we are born until the day of physical carnation expires… no matter what.

Worth is not open for debate and if we remind ourselves regularly enough that we are always worthy, then our life changes beyond belief. We manifest everything that happens in our lives and if we repeatedly tell ourselves that we are not worthy based on some spurious measurement concocted by our mind or society, then guess what? the world we create will be one where we lack worth and feel lesser, feel unloved and will not be creating our true selves.

The opposite is that we tell ourselves we are worthy and we manifest a life that is our true authentic self, we are then not restricted and we can feel totally at peace being our true essence, we can share our light without fear of shame.

Worthiness is one of the most important things to us and we can always have it if we choose.


When we come from a place where we look for the good in what we do and see things how others see our work we start to get even better at what we do. When we start with kindness towards ourselves we change the internal narratives.

We have been conditioned to be our own biggest critic and that comes from the mind and its fears. Add to that the cultural norm of ‘you can do better’ mentality instilled in us from our formative years in order to satisfy the egos of others and to prepare us for a life of servitude to working for others. It creates a default reaction of self-criticism and it is a shield we put up to ‘protect’ ourselves from the perceived judgement of others. However, this behaviour only serves to affect our self-esteem and causes us to suffer within.

We never feel inspired or motivated after beating ourselves up.

However, if we choose to be our biggest fan instead then we are proud of our work and we grow in self-confidence and we feel good.

It inspires us to build on what we have already achieved and to look positively on what we have done not what we didn’t do or did badly in our eyes.

When we focus on what we did well we free ourselves from the negative energy of looking at what we think we did wrong.

Lastly, we are all already worthy of love and belonging from the moment we wake up in the morning to the moment we go to sleep, no matter what we did or didn’t do that day.