Starts with me

Hate…starts with me
Anger…starts with me
Fear…starts with me
Jealousy…starts with me
Judgement…starts with me
Not the other

Kindness…starts with me
Love…starts with me
Empathy…starts with me
Compassion…starts with me
Joy…starts with me
Not the other

I can love first
I can understand first
I can listen first
I can hug first
I can share my light first
It starts with me
Not the other

Our greatest self

If we want to know our greatest self it is the one we are currently too frightened to create.

What we fear the most is the guide to what we’d like to be the most.

The mind sabotages the most the things it believes puts us most at risk and furthest away from what it perceives as safety.

Risk is better than safe. Love is risky and fear is easy. Nothing comes from easy. We have to be brave enough to let go of fear and open up to love.

The greatest things come from love and that requires us to connect to our inner essence and walk away from the mind’s control.