Do to ourselves what we’d do to others

We would happily be kind, loving, supportive, compassionate and empathetic to a loved one, a close friend, even to just anyone.

Yet when it comes to ourselves we seem to struggle with this.

Think how we often speak unkindly to ourselves and then think of a person who truly matters to us, would we speak like that?

How we speak to ourselves is a choice, however, it has a huge impact on us. No one ever feels good about being unkind to themselves. Nothing is gained from it ever. So why not choose to be kind to ourselves?

Do to ourselves what we would do to someone who matters to us, as surely, we matter to ourselves.

If you haven’t tried it and you are fed up with anger, frustration and beating yourself up, try some love, kindness, understanding and putting an arm around yourself. After all, you have nothing to lose by trying.

Let go

Letting go means not caring about the outcome.

Letting go means I am already worthy.

Letting go means I am going to be fine whatever happens.

Letting go enables our dreams to come.

Letting go releases the pressure.

Letting go allows us to drop the barriers.

Letting go allows things to flow.

Letting go ends our negative resistance.

Letting go allows the best things to enter our lives.

Letting go allows love to flourish.

Letting go allows kindness.

Letting go allows true generosity to enrich our lives.

Letting go, that’s not the same as giving up.

Let go and have peace, calmness, and well-being.