Beliefs are a choice.

We can and will believe anything if we want to.

If we believe we can, we can and of course the opposite, if we think we can’t, well we can’t.

So, why would we believe we can’t do something? Seems a strange choice.

Simple answer, it is all in our minds and the regular thought patterns that we energise and take as the truth. We build up year upon year all these so-called ‘truths’ about our ability to do something or not, based on little other than our mind created thoughts, perhaps what others say and because perhaps once we didn’t succeed.

What happened before is not the guide to what will happen now, unless you choose to believe it.

Let go of the need to think before we do something or before we form beliefs and see what happens.

Beliefs are a choice.

The relaxation/guilt circle

Then, when we are wanting to relax, we feel guilty about the things we haven’t yet completed or need to be done. Also, in the industrialised world, it is seen as bad not to be constantly busy.

Therefore, relaxation time is far from that, it is stressful and time where we make ourselves feel bad.

When we are wanting to work, to do things, to take action, we feel resentful because when we were supposed to be relaxing in the evening or the weekend, we didn’t, we felt guilty. Therefore, we didn’t get time to chill and now work seems like a chore.

So, we don’t do the work and when it is time to relax, guess what? Yep, the same circle repeats itself guilt – resentment – guilt – resentment and so on.

To break it, we need to do one thing, create a time when work ends, and begins again, a shutdown. During the shutdown, we switch off work, phones, email, text, and so on.

If you are doing a job that is so important that you can not switch off for 8-12 hours a day, then change it, for the rest of us, there is nothing so earth-shatteringly important that it can not wait a few hours.

This breaks the circle of guilt followed by resentment. We properly relax and therefore we are fully supercharged to do our work, we get more work done and soon we have more time to relax.