If we sit

‘Old Father Thames’ by Philip Dodson

If we sit at night and dread the coming day, then we are projecting into the future creating psychological fear.

If we sit in the day and regret what happened the day before, then we are stuck in the past, a thing that cannot be changed and no longer exists.

These states of unconscious mind activity seem normal, yet in the conscious moment that is now, we realise that our mind is where the insanity is. We are dwelling on a past that no longer exists or projecting into an unreal future…crazy. Then basing our beliefs upon such insanity. Even madder.

If we sit in this moment and experience just this moment then we can let go of the insanity and be at peace. We can base our beliefs on the real-life moment and allow ourselves to be truly ourselves free from the madness our mind creates.


Life is better when you believe that it is stacked in your favour, not stacked against you, believe that you were born the luckiest m*ther-f*cking son of a bitch!!! Nothing but good fortune will always come your way and that you can not fail whatever the odds. Believe you are the one, the best, the one that will make it happen. Better than the default human view that we think we are shit at everything and suffer bad luck all the time.

Just follow your heart, follow your soul, let go and allow yourself to heal, let the sadness, anger, frustration be, welcome it, allow it to be there. We can heal ourselves, both the body and the mind. The soul will do whatever is needed, we just have to stop resisting it, we just need to allow the light from within us to shine and believe it will always be ok.

Step by step, we can change and grow into anything that we want to be and we can create whatever we want to, we just need to believe that we can, we can do whatever we want. We just have to step building the brick wall in front of us with the ‘I am no good’ bricks or ‘I am always unlucky’ ones.

Belief comes when we stop energising the sabotaging and repeating thought patterns, that are only negative.

The thing is, we never appreciate what we have and then it is too late the moment has gone, I appreciate all that I have right now, and that is great, it is the best thing about life, it is now, so make now the best time it can ever be, we can’t make it great any other time, the green lights are in your favour…go. Thank you Matthew McConaughey for your amazing book ‘Greenlights’.

We are here just the once, and this moment now is it. So why the hell do you not want to be at peace and believe you are it!! Even if there is sadness, pain, whatever, let it be there, accept it and then be at peace, and then it dissolves, nothing lasts whatever it is and it all passes.

The best thing in life is to believe that it is in your favour, everything is loaded towards your success, not your failure. Then the whole thing turns around, it does not mean that all will be plain sailing.

But in a way, it can be, because it is only the mind that labels things as good or bad, the reality is they are neither, they just are. That is the most important thing to think about, everything just is, and that is all that we can ever know, there are no answers to anything, there is no right or wrong way to live, there is no thing that you must do or equally can’t do, it is up to us, all of it, it is our own unique journey. Yes, it’s our journey, not other people’s to tell us where to go or what to do.

So just get on the bus and see where it will take you and get off at any stop you feel or don’t, stay there or move on or get a different bus. Talk to who you want to and who you don’t want to…leave be. There is no formula, there is no recipe…just your journey.

Just believe that it is all a game, you make the rules and it is always stacked up in your favour so that you win every time, no matter what.

It’s a choice we can make.