All the worries

All the things we worried about won’t matter at the end.

In fact, they don’t matter, because a worry is only our mind’s projection into the future. The future never happens and doesn’t exist outside our minds.

If we want to stop worrying, we can simply spend more conscious time in the now, the present moment, and less time thinking about something that does not exist and never will.

Why do I feel like this?

We are always looking for a reason as to why we feel a certain way. Why we are angry, sad, emotional, frustrated or whatever.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter what the reason is and when we let whatever we are feeling just be, accepting that is what is and how we are feeling in this moment, then there is no resistance, no negativity and it will soon pass or not, again it doesn’t matter. Peace comes from accepting everything that is and allowing it space to be, not fighting it within.

When we start to analyse, that is, in fact, the mind that is playing up, wanting an answer, usually so we can blame another person or something that happened as the cause of our internal state. Our internal state is always our responsibility.

Accepting how we feel now and letting it be is the best way to let go and move on and to stop suffering within. It never matters why.