X2 on Netflix

We consume so much of everything from food, to trees, to resources, to data, to literally anything that can be packaged and sold to us. We aren’t grateful for this plentitude. We are dissatisfied at what we don’t have and what others have.

Yet in this avalanche, gorging and drenching ourselves instantly with this and that, we enjoy nothing.

Whatever we are consuming at this moment, the mind has us focused on what someone else might or is consuming and the next big thing that we could get. So we never appreciate the thing we have now. We can even watch films at x2 speed on Netflix so we can binge even more! Just think about that for a second, speeding up something just to have more, regardless of whether it has any value or not. We have supersized life to be more miserable, depressed and addicted than any human has been.

No one sees the insanity because we are so deeply unconscious in thought of ‘what’s next?’.

We could choose instead to be grateful, to be content in the moment, to enjoy something and live life at the speed of now, still and silent.

The acceptance of change

We fear change, yet the most certain thing in life is constant change. Everything or everyone is temporary, change like the seasons, the day, the moon, the sky, nature, the universe is inevitable.

We become comfortable in our discomfort zones, too scared to dip our toe in the cold water of something new.

We endure suffering, putting off or fearing change, and we stay stuck and even when something does change we spend endless energy and more suffering denying it. Pretending it isn’t or hasn’t happened.

Instead, if we accept that everything is temporary, a constant flowing river of different occurrences and whatever occurs that we can not control has already happened and therefore can not be reversed, then the suffering goes. We no longer deny it, peace comes and the fear of the uncertain future subsidies as we step away from our thoughts of the future and become at peace with this present moment.

We do not have to be happy about every change but accepting it brings peace within that enables us to find joy in life now instead of suffering within from the thoughts and fears of the endless changing life, world and universe.

Change is always an opportunity if we are at peace within and it is always fear and suffering if we resist it.