Stop the insanity

Never ending repetitive thought, is the insanity and disease of the human race.

Love, peace, joy, wisdom and true intelligence lay beyond the thought and ramblings of individual and collective egoic mind state.

Search within your conscious self and discover the light within your very essence and soul.

Just be and stop the insanity.

Other people’s mistakes

Hands up who has never made a mistake?

Yep, everyone put their hand up.

Yet we are always looking to blame others, judge people, point the finger and punish them for their mistakes. Catch them out, almost waiting to jump on another for messing up.

The reality is, we are in fact only looking at our own reflection. Judging ourselves.

Mistakes have already happened, so right now they are in the past, let go of them and let go of others mistakes too.

It’s very liberating and we can act without the cloud of blame to learn and move on.