Make the leap for a new kind of safe

It seems safer to stay put.

But actually now, to stay in the middle with everyone else is riskier.

Big, mass, standard equals easily replaced by AI, by improved productivity improvements, by changes in fashion, by a cultural shift, by many things in the quicksands of an ever-changing world.

Seemingly on the edge where we feel that something new, different, niche and small in scale is riskiest, it is actually now the safest as it is difficult to replace. Doing something that really matters for a loyal base of evangelical advocates is much hard to disrupt than a mass market dinosaur.

The problem is unlearning and making the leap of faith to abandon the centre of the circle and everyone else to the unknown outer edges. To take the plunge a do what we really care about.

Make the leap and reach a new kind of safe.


We are all superheroes.

Each and everyone of us has our unique journey and story.

We are all born worthy and that never changes. We are worthy of love, of belonging, of being an equal human being.

We just need to believe it and live it.

We can all live the life of a superhero if we accept we are worthy and that we are an amazing person.

The alternative choice is to keep being our own biggest critic.

Choose Cat Woman.