Peace within

If we can learn to always accept this moment as it is and not dwell on the past or the future then we can be at peace within.

The moment we look back to see what could have been different or look forward to see what might happen because of what occurred, is the moment that we become trapped in our mind and deny what is. Futile and only causes us suffering within.

Always be at peace with what is.

Endless fresh starts

There is always another moment to fix anything, to change anything, to do something again…there is this moment, and then immediately following it, there is the next moment.

This moment now is not determined by what happened in previous moments, like a minute ago, or week ago or ten years ago. It is only our choice to attach ourselves to our thoughts related to memories of the past. The past is a memory and it is up to us if we choose to listen to our thoughts about that memory.

Now is a fresh start, followed by another and another…it’s endless. We are never stuck only by our thoughts if we choose.