Changing the cover

Often there is a temptation to fix something by changing its cover, wrapper, label, brand, packaging…

If what’s wrapped is still the same, it won’t matter.

Marketing is important but delivery is more than ever what really counts.

The age of the connected generation and the customer review have ensured that the great products and services flourish over the marketing spinners.

Income versus value

Income is what you get in return for creating value for others.

Value only comes to us when we create it for ourselves.

That’s the difference between working in a job and choosing ourselves.

Short-term doing a job and getting an income seems much safer and appealing until you realise you can get fired from your job and all the value you create goes to others.

Choosing ourselves is initially hard, it means taking a leap of faith, however, as you build value and realise it is yours it becomes a lot easier.

Also, who fires themselves?

Hard as this is, to really fulfil our purpose, we have to choose ourselves and build something others will value and miss if you didn’t do it. That will not come from an income.