From nothing, comes everything.

‘From nothing, comes everything’ wrote one of my favourite people, James Altucher, today in his daily email.

He’s so 100% right, and conversely, from having everything comes nothing.

When we have everything, we are not satisfied, or happy, or content.

We could choose to be, but we are not, it is a lifetime of conditioning to always want something we do not have, always want more, even though we have all that we will need and much more than we will ever need to be fulfilled.

When we have nothing, when there is no food, nowhere to live, we’ve lost everything, then even the smallest improvement in that situation feels like you’ve won the lottery.

If we focused on the process, the journey instead of the outcome, instead of the rewards, then we would relax and learn to enjoy each step of the way, learn to appreciate so much more, and stop sweating about what we do not have.

Some of the happiest, joy-filled and most truly generous people I have met in my life are the ones with the least. When you have nothing, when you do not constantly desire what you do not have, when you accept and are grateful for what you have, then everything that truly matters comes to us.

Life is not about accumulating material wealth, it is about leaving a legacy and accumulating memories for moments we spend with the people that matter, achieving our purpose and making a difference.

Perfection is dirty

Imperfection is the magic of life and it is what we love the most.

The more we try to perfect, to cleanse ourselves of any imperfection, the more we become dirty.

Perfectionism, it’s hiding place from showing up, it’s a place where we feel we can not be judged, it’s a way of trying to stay out of the limelight of being criticised.

But the more we feel perfect, the more judgemental of others we become and that’s not cleansed it’s dirty.

Stay clean from the stain of perfection.