Just ‘Google it’…no use your own search engine.

I was sitting yesterday, writing, and a song popped into my head, and just a few lines of the lyrics and I sat thinking, shit what song is that? I knew it was Simon and Garfunkel, yes, I am that old.

My default reaction was, just ‘Google it’.

Then I said ‘don’t be lazy, think for yourself, use your brain’.

Within a moment or two, up came the answer ‘Homeward Bound’, I then ‘Googled’ the song and listened to it on YouTube while I continued to write. Happiness.

Just ‘Google it’ is making me lazy, is not good for my mind and as I am old enough to remember songs like ‘Homeward Bound’, I am old enough to remember BG, before Google, where I had no choice but to think and try and remember.

What the f… will happen to us if we can only do things by relying on technology and not our own minds? Also, where has the fun of challenge gone and all the good skills that will teach us, like patience for a start and sticking with things?

Instant gratification and everything being just a click away are killing us, slowly but surely.

I need to use my own search engine more often and not just ‘Google it’.