We’ve been fed a crock of shit…a selection

As I approach nearly 3 years of continuous daily blogging I pulled together some post from the last 1,092 days.

So in no particular order here are 10 that I really liked, I hope you enjoy them.

1. It’s the shared experience that matters – are you in Gen C?

Influenced and inspired by Brian Solis author of ‘What’s the Future of Business’ #WTF & principal (American speak for top bloke) at Altimeter, I have sat & reflected on a number of elements in my marketing strategies, in fact deeper, my whole business strategy.

Strategy is a dangerous word to be honest, more my business thinking. Strategies, like oil tankers, take a long time to change course, I’m in a world where agility and adaptability are paramount.

I talked previously about saying ‘goodbye to the old school world’, however, that’s becoming increasingly more difficult as things change so rapidly. The old school might not be thinking from 20 years ago, but it could be last year’s thoughts. READ MORE

2. The 3 L’s of life

Inspired by a Buddha quote I read yesterday, there is a simple formula that can help us achieve joy and happiness in life.

Love is the number one ‘L’ of life. Instinctively we would love rather than hate, however, all so often in life we are conditioned to react with judgement, anger, hatred and we suppress that instinct. Do not resist the urge to love, to be kind, to be grateful, to be empathetic. Love is the most special feeling in life and yet we resist it or are fearful of it, or we laugh at it and think it is somehow silly.

The 2nd ‘L’ is…READ MORE

3. Fish don’t know they’re in water

I was listening to a James Altucher podcast and his guest used a great quote ‘fish don’t know they’re in water’. They are surrounded by it and therefore they don’t see it.

The monoculture that has seemingly and happily been adopted by the human race en masse in the global village that our world has become…READ MORE

4. 2 minutes

I set myself a challenge of writing and posting a blog in 2 minutes, previously 5 minutes was my best. READ MORE

5. The 3 R’s of marketing

There are 3 R’s to consider.

1. Relevancy – is your content relevant to your audience? see yesterday’s post

2. Risk – are you risky enough? In today’s bland, homogenised world, where safe has been done to death, the new safe is being risky. READ MORE

6. Do you know what? We’ve been a fed a crock of shit

Do you know what? We’ve all been fed a big crock of shit.

The fact is that since the 1950s until now we’ve been sold the dream, but the dream is only for a very tiny few and in reality that dream is not all that it’s cracked up to be. READ MORE

7. Brands don’t matter anymore

The days of mass advertising and big brands are over.

There are now a gazillion channels and a gazillion choices of stuff to consume.

Previously it was all about who could buy the most TV, magazine and newspaper slots. But who watches ads anymore? READ MORE

8. Young people rebel

Today I have been sat talking with Saranne, who is the daughter of my coach and friend Debbie.

Saranne, left school, disillusioned with education and being a person not cut out to comply, she works hard to support her passion, which is fashion blogging and videos. She has an amazing talent, that sadly the education system would have never recognised or known how to help her to grow that.

I have known Saranne for a few months through the Mastermind Group that Debbie runs and I have been impressed by her enthusiasm, by her creativity and by how focused she is for a 19-year-old. So much so, that I am working with her to produce a video for my coworking business. READ MORE

9. Apple crumble and custard

Sundays are all about apple crumble, custard, roast dinner, sitting together around a table chatting, laughing and reminiscing. Family time. READ MORE

10. What are the keys to success?

So I was reading something on Facebook listing the keys to success and that got me thinking about what I would put in a such a list. Not that I disagreed with the poster’s views, it’s just I felt it missed a few things that were for me important.


Also, I am not saying I’m right either after all success should be a personal thing and not what it looks like for others.

So here goes, here is my take on this and in no particular order of importance, other than the first two for me are essential: READ MORE

From nothing, comes everything.

‘From nothing, comes everything’ wrote one of my favourite people, James Altucher, today in his daily email.

He’s so 100% right, and conversely, from having everything comes nothing.

When we have everything, we are not satisfied, or happy, or content.

We could choose to be, but we are not, it is a lifetime of conditioning to always want something we do not have, always want more, even though we have all that we will need and much more than we will ever need to be fulfilled.

When we have nothing, when there is no food, nowhere to live, we’ve lost everything, then even the smallest improvement in that situation feels like you’ve won the lottery.

If we focused on the process, the journey instead of the outcome, instead of the rewards, then we would relax and learn to enjoy each step of the way, learn to appreciate so much more, and stop sweating about what we do not have.

Some of the happiest, joy-filled and most truly generous people I have met in my life are the ones with the least. When you have nothing, when you do not constantly desire what you do not have, when you accept and are grateful for what you have, then everything that truly matters comes to us.

Life is not about accumulating material wealth, it is about leaving a legacy and accumulating memories for moments we spend with the people that matter, achieving our purpose and making a difference.