Philip Dodson

Hi I’m Phil Dodson, founder of the creative and inspirational coworking space @Work Hubs, co-founder of International Collaboration Day, founder of Dodson Commercial and Creator of the Deep Work Project. Currently, providing business consulting to the UK first ethical hotel, The Wesley Hotel in London.

Father of 2, husband of 1, owner of 2 cats and 1 dog. Oh and part of the human race and the connected generation.

Artist, writer, blogger, mentor, business adviser, speaker and rebel. I’m proud of being different and not fitting in.

Currently, on a mission to share the benefits of deep work practices, build community and spread the personal and business benefits of applying art and writing in our daily routines.

Currently based in London, however, travel regularly to fun ‘camps’ with Copass, OuiShare, DNX and others. I have lived or worked in for many years in fab, exciting and often chaotic places like Turkey, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, USA, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Singapore, Morocco, Eygpt and a few other places.

It’s all about why we do what we do, not what we do. We all have an obligation to keep creating and sharing it with the world, otherwise, it is just a thought.

Our futures are now and our moment of greatness is not when we win the race it is the day we first put on the running shoes and go training.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi – are you the Philip Dodson who owns a flat at Parkside St Peter’s , 21 Plough Road ?
    We’re voting on Right To Manage.
    Best, Rob

  2. In my opinion, the most fascinating and creative people on the planet take their pegs with them, and fit them wherever/whenever they find passionate pursuits. Since nothing lasts forever, they are always looking for something new and different, not same old, same old. Talk about keeping it fresh, unencumbered, and not holed up in a square, alrighty then friend, let’s talk!

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