Disconnect from the matrix

As humans there is so much we do not understand and yet we have as a species become conditioned to be content and have lost our greatest asset, the ability to be curious.

The tech that is supposed to improve our lives is rapidly destroying our cognitive skills and is turn us into dopamine junkies plugged into a computer network that sucks our lives away.

As far as we get now, for example, is if we don’t know something we rely on Google instead of our brains. We accept without question almost everything that we are fed, whatever we read, see, hear…it must be true, right!


Stay curious, ask questions, disconnect from the matrix, choose a meaningful life connected to other humans.

Who criticises us most?

From the day we are able to think to the day we die there is one person who criticises us the most.

That person is ourselves.

If we were asked to take a fork and repeatedly stab ourselves in the leg with it we wouldn’t do it as it would cause us great pain.

Yet we happily choose to spend a lifetime inflicting mental pain, ‘stabbing ourselves’ with constant self-criticism.

What if we choose instead to be our biggest fans?

Why choose pain when you do not need to.