Two human stories

If you want to contribute to the human narrative, if you want to change things, then be the change.

Be the example.

Easily said, well written in this case, more challenging to do.

Well, not if you choose to be free of your mindstream of repetitive negative thought patterns that prohibit us from focus, awareness and consciousness. When we are with the flow of life and the universe, then we can be the change, the sacrifice is not hard, it becomes natural.

If we are obsessed by the mind and its labels, then everything is a challenge, that is why in our unconscious mind state we choose the path of least resistance and allow our mind to make up excuses as to why we couldn’t be the one to inspire or be the example.

When we are free of thought, there is nothing that will sabotage, we will manifest what we wish and the universe will work with us to achieve it, we will simply do and enjoy that doing.

The human narrative is evolving and while much of the current unconscious story is getting darker, the light of the conscious human story grows ever brighter as evolution takes us to a new dimension.

The more people who choose to awake from the current human dream-like mind state, the faster the change will happen. We have seen what minds talking to minds have done, it is now the moment for conscious humans to change the model for humanity.

When we are fully awake, we will see joy, love and peace. There is no space for hate, judgement, anger, wars, destruction and disorder. The egoic driven mind is chaotic, as is the collective mind, and the soul is absolute order in alignment with the energy of the all that is.

There are two narratives, the unconscious mind-obsessed dark story and the conscious story of light. It isn’t that consciousness is superior, that is a trick of the egoic mind, but if we experience consciousness, we all know that this state is without the suffering of the mind and the darkness that brings to us and to the human race and this planet.

Becoming silent

Silence is as important as anything, as much as air, water, light. It nourishes our soul.

By becoming silent, that does not mean that you have to stop speaking or go off to be alone and sit in a forest, although, being in solitude in the depth of nature is good for us too, just not always available in our daily lives. It means a silence from the daily distractions of the mind, the negative constant drain of words in our heads. The mental mindstream drags us relentlessly through the torrents of suffering both mental and physical.

When we are born, our default is to be conscious, awake, alive in this present moment, however, our conditioning creates the mindstream that distracts us and then we go to ‘sleep’ and are not aware of our real life that is now. Most humans spend most if not all of their lives asleep with the constant noise of words in the head, which they are attached too.

Once we start down the path of unlearning the conditioning to listen to the mind and its constant chatter, there become small gaps in thought, that gap is silence, and as we train our minds to be peaceful and as we attach less and less importance to our thoughts, the gap grows. So then the silence is longer and longer. The more we have silence, the more we are awake and aware.

This allows the real person that is truly us to be alive and allows the true soul to be. The real you and I are the person beyond thought, we are not the ego or story that the mind has created, we are the inner energy, the soul, the witness of thought, the knower of senses and the person who observes our emotions and reactions.

Silence can be everywhere and anywhere, we can create our own silence even in the noisiest place in the world, silence is inside us all, peace and calm are there, we just have to allow it to be by simply witnessing and not energising our endless thoughts.

The turbulence on the surface of the exterior world and the mind-dominated interior are only there if we energise it, if search deep within us, like the bottom of the lake or sea, there is always stillness, peace and silence.

Becoming silent is consciousness, is awareness, is life.