Born the same

Every single one of the over 7 billion of us on this planet were born the same, an equal human being.

Then our environment and circumstances will shape us.

Before hating, before judging, before killing, before repressing, before enslaving, before acting against another, remember we are all the same human race.

Get out from behind the keyboard, the curtains, shut off the voice of hate from the media, get out your house and meet, embrace and get close to other humans, especially the ones we’ve judged.

Then try to hate up close or instead choose to empathise and understand we all started in the same place.

Perhaps, we don’t need more missiles we need to reach out and embrace each other and understand our differences.

Let go

Letting go means not caring about the outcome.

Letting go means I am already worthy.

Letting go means I am going to be fine whatever happens.

Letting go enables our dreams to come.

Letting go releases the pressure.

Letting go allows us to drop the barriers.

Letting go allows things to flow.

Letting go ends our negative resistance.

Letting go allows the best things to enter our lives.

Letting go allows love to flourish.

Letting go allows kindness.

Letting go allows true generosity to enrich our lives.

Letting go, that’s not the same as giving up.

Let go and have peace, calmness, and well-being.