Gratitude jar

We moved house just over 3 years ago and I decided to get a big jar to be our gratitude jar.

So we’d write on a post-it what we were feeling grateful for and then stuck it in the jar.

Naturally, there was a surge of enthusiasm for it, however, it died off and then we stopped adding to it and dust settled.

Today, I was having a sort out and decided to empty the jar and have a read through. Before I got more than 4 or 5 notes in, I was already choked and I realised just how important sharing gratitude and feeling grateful is.

Everyone is out at the moment, so I’ve stuck a selection of the notes on a piece of board and put it in the family room as a surprise for when everyone returns.

If we count what we have already and are simply grateful for that, then life is amazing and peaceful.


‘Together’ by Philip Dodson


We’re in it together
We can be kind together
We can love together
We can share together

We can help together
We can meditate together
We can walk together
We can understand together

We can be human together
We can be tolerant together
We can be positive together
We can believe in better together

Together we are one
Together we thrive
Together is easy
Together is love not fear