Let me tell you

Telling others is easy, it makes us feel superior. Of course, the mind will trick us that we’re being helpful, but deeper, the ego is at play.

When the same things come around to our own actions, then, of course, there is a good reason to excuse and the mind tells us ‘well it is different’…again the ego is at play.

The solution is not to ‘tell others’ or to judge them in the first place. Most often, when people are explaining something or just want to get something out, they want to be listened to and they want to be understood. They want our empathy, not our advice or a regurgitation of our story, which of course, is not remotely relevant to them and it is just our ego starting up again…’well let me tell you how it was for me’

The other thing is, when it comes to what we do, no need to judge or excuse either, no need to tell ourselves. Be compassionate, be kind, give ourselves a moment.

Ego and its judgement of ourselves and others is the cause of a good deal of suffering within and for others too that we inflict it on.

Accept others and ourselves for what they are, seek the good in others and ourselves and realise we are all just wonderful human souls.

This is the world’s greatest blog post

It could be…or it might not be.

It is all a personal opinion. It will depend on your view.

Opinions are formed by our ego and they are temporary mental forms, that we attach to, and then they have to be defended at all costs, in many cases, quite literally by some crazy ego-maniacs.

This is the challenge with attachment, it becomes personal. We label everything as ‘my ‘x”. For example, once ‘the car’ becomes ‘my car’, rather than just ‘the car’ then it is an extension of ourselves and so if someone scratches it, it is felt like we’ve been scratched.

The same is true with opinions, once we attach to them and the ego is involved, then it is seen by the mind as a matter of life and death. The ego is fragile and to be wrong is a threat to its very existence.

It really does not matter whether or not this is the world’s greatest blog post or not, it does not matter if you like it or not. What matters to me is that I enjoy the doing, I enjoy writing this, in this moment and it brings me joy. If it brings something to others, well that is an added piece of joy for me.

Anything else is for other people’s minds and views and my view is simply that, a view that matters not.

This is a path that will lead to peace and no pressure or burden of expectation