I’m so enlightened…yeah

Enlightenment doesn’t make you superior and if we think that then we are still very much unconscious with our mind and its ego.

It means two things to me, one bringing the light from our essence, soul and being to ourselves and the exterior world free from the mind and its repeating thought.

Secondly, it means being ‘light’ and not taking the world or thoughts too seriously, in fact being able to laugh and smile.

Acceptance is a big step to becoming light.

Beyond the mind

When we become part of the collective mind and our own mind identifies with it, then we lose any sense of perspective. Negativity dominates the collective.

The more we have become dominated by the mind as a human race the more insane we have become, to the point that to our minds it seems normal. We live so far away from the real-life dimension that is now, the conscious moment, that it seems perfectly regular to be in our heads analysing the past and projecting to the future.

The only way to free ourselves is to realise that most of the 60,000 + thoughts we have a day aren’t needed to be taken seriously, 99.99% are the same ones we’ve been having most of our lives and they are just temporary mental forms. Once we realise that, we can then stop energising them by letting them float past, just being the silent witness to it all.

Becoming the observer helps us to realise the real person, the true being, the soul, the I that is us, is beyond the limit of thought and the mind. True intelligence and wisdom are beyond the mind.

Once we stop associating ourselves with the mind and its stories and ego, we free ourselves to become the true person and inner peace comes. The mind is a tool we can use for its creative functions, which are truly amazing, not to be possessed by its sabotaging thought and fragile and involatile ego.