Being still

An image comes
No thought can be without one
I wonder if…
Maybe we can
Erase the picture
Lose the thought
What if it was gone
No more repeating
No more suffering

Maybe we could instead
Let the image be in our head
Watch them pass
Be the witness
Like clouds on a windy day
Like children running in the park
Like snow tumbling
Leave our energy to our soul

Let’s send our energy to the new
Allow ourselves to create
Allow ourselves to grow
Become a shining light
Become the butterfly

Be…just be
Silent like the deep blue sea
Quiet like the sleeping bear
At peace like the highest peak
Calm like the windless day
Beauty like nature
Bright like the light of the sun

It’s time to shine
it’s time to let go
It’s time to love
It’s time to accept
It’s time to surrender
It’s time to be still

Peace forever

She came from the light
Yet darkness arose
The gloom surrounded her
The darkness consumed her

The pain it came
A troubled mind
It dampened her light
It became hidden below the noise

The world didn’t see
She suffered alone
No one could imagine
What was happening within

The world didn’t care
It’s all in her head
She stayed with her mind
The suffering grew

She now returns to the light
The suffering has gone
The darkness no more
Her soul is now free
Peace and light shine forever