Rising above

Within the circle lies compliance, following the crowd, not wanting to offend, perfectionism to avoid judgement, comfort that is uncomfortable, not speaking out, fear of being wrong, fear of almost everything outside the circle.

The only way to change anything is to rise above, to free ourselves from the circle, to actually be able to see the circle for what it is. We have to embrace the wilderness, we have to be brave enough to be different, we have to be prepared to leave the perceived safety of the circle.

We can not escape if we do not see we are within the circle.

Rise, lead, inspire, change and be free.

WTF happened to hope?

What the FUCK happened to hope, idealism and belief in making a meaningful difference for humanity?

It got flushed down the toilet by the greedy, profit-driven industrial machine and its owners, who bought the politicians, bought the schools, the lawyers, the banks, the shares, in fact, the whole lot. Then turned us into compliant cogs in their machine. They have been controlling us with their ‘religions’ and myths of money, capitalism, democracy, certainty, and offering us trinkets in order to consume shit we don’t need.

They have created hate, cynicism, judgement, war, poverty, criticism, and division so that we fight each other and ignore what they do.

Well, it is enough, we want to live with hope, ideals, love, kindness, compassion, empathy and we want to see a world free of greed, judgement, hate, anger, cheating, manipulating, shitting on people and killing them too.

It’s enough.

Hope lives on, for example, Corbyn, he’s the start of a new hope, he is something different in a field of dull black and white, bland, safe, politicians, all offering the same dreary compliant life of debt and slavery for most, JC is offering a new hope, and once you have a why, once you are prepared to be different, sticking to your values, and once you can inspire people, they become your evangelists, they become the people who spread the word for you.

Look at the surge in turnout in the UK election.

We need to all rise up and be counted and back hope, back people who are prepared to stick to their values and be prepared to stand out from the crowd. We need them more than ever to help us overcome the industrialised machine that has turned us all into debt-laden compliant slaves of their myths and system.

Rise up, become a leader you want to see or become an evangelist for someone who inspires something different. We have a responsibility to ourselves and the human race to act.

Hope is there if we choose it.