We decide

We alone choose the life we will live.

We control and create the reality that is the world.

It is ours and ours alone to manifest and yet we believe that it is made up of events and other people and their thoughts.

Once we realise that this conscious moment now is our life and we control completely how we choose to perceive this reality, then we can simply manifest exactly how we want to see now.

It is only the mind that makes things good or bad, happy or sad and so on, we can choose whether or not to listen and take seriously our thoughts, it is a choice we can all make.

Our mind is a part of us, it is not us, and when we detach from it and choose not to be our thoughts, then we can be free to allow the true essence and light from our soul to shine through, we decide that.

It’s our journey

If something or someone doesn’t bring us peace, joy, nourish our soul and make us feel good then best to stop engaging with it or them.

We don’t have to be confrontational, we don’t have to make a scene, we do not need to justify our choices to anyone. We can just peacefully walk away. When we feel the need to justify or make a statement or fight something or someone, then it is from our mind and its ego. Being ourselves, and simply stepping away peacefully and without any drama or attachment comes from our true essence and soul.

We never have to justify or seek permission. It’s our journey, be with who you feel to be with and do things that bring you joy now in this moment.