The wilderness

What we do to fit in is go against our true self, instinct and essence. It is a condition of the mind that drives us to not want to be seen as different, exposed or at risk from ridicule or being ostracised. It is all driven by our ego and its fragility.

True vulnerability, as Brene Brown would say, is being able to brave the wilderness and be wholehearted. That takes a huge amount of consciousness and acceptance of what is to be able to truly be and to truly be our soul and pure essence. We have to be prepared to walk the other way to the crowd.

On the surface, it is easier to fit in. However, only in the short-term, as fitting in and going against our true self creates inner suffering and pain.

Once we become conscious and true to ourselves, the pain fades, and we become braver and no longer in fear of the wilderness that being ourselves requires.

What we manifest

What we think is what gets manifested, it is what gets created into our actions, words, reactions and so on.

If we attach ourselves to our thoughts, our ego and the stories, then that is what will get manifested into the outside world and it is what we will create.

If we detach ourselves from that, the ego, and let our true essence, soul and heart flow, then that is what the mind will manifest into action, words, and so on. Then the outcome will be a different one in the exterior world, and we and others will see the true person, not our thoughts and ego.

The mind is a tool for us to use to manifest our real self, the only self, not to do the work of the ego, the little story. The mind isn’t there to control us, it is we who uses the mind. We can only manifest the best when it comes from our true being and not from the false ego created self.