Knowing when to ‘quit’ or stop is a challenge.

We override our instincts, especially when the body is telling us, there is an ‘I’m not a quitter’ attitude that comes from our egoic mind that forces us to continue, even if it is causing us pain.

Equally, the soul is often crying out to stop an emotional or mental pain and suffering, but the mind sabotages that feeling with attachment to things and again something to prove to others.

The best solution is to simply listen and be in tune with our feelings from our very essence and not be attached to our mind and ego, stopping or quitting is easy then, just stop. That’s what we feel.

Feelings are overlooked by the ego and this only brings suffering mental and then physical too.

Quitting is a mental concept of the human mind, doing what we feel is following our soul.

The darkest day

Today is the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. For many, the current world is dark and getting darker. The mind brings dark and fearful thoughts if we attach to them.

Like everything in life, nature, the universe…there is light and dark, one cannot exist without the other. We can choose to accept and welcome both. Without dark, we can not experience light.

There has to be the opposite for something to exist, so when we feel darkness, light will come, always. It is the Yin and Yang.

The other thing, the more dark something becomes, the more light will come.

All the darkness that people may well be feeling is all temporary, nothing lasts. A great light is coming for the human race and we can all be part of that lightening.

It’s a choice, to look for the light in everything and to accept the darkness as what it is.

Every day will be lighter from today and it can be within ourselves too if we let the light of our essence shine and leave the darkness of our thoughts to be.