Thinker or a being?

By Philip Dodson

Be a thinker or a being, we can’t be both.

Thinking is of the mind and its never ending nonsense and ramblings of contradiction and fear.

Being is of the soul and is simply that…just being.

Two paths

There are two paths.

One is the path of fear and all the negative emotions and actions it brings. Fear comes from the mind.

The other path is love.

Love comes from our soul and is the true essence of all life. It is energy and it brings only mote love. Not the needy, shallow and conditional ‘love’ that is a fear-based emotion of the mind.

When we step away from our thoughts and allow our true essence to shine from the soul, we then manifest only love.

When we go with our wisdom and feelings we allow the true human soul to be.

When we go down the path of fear, we only manifest more fear.

It’s a choice we make each and every moment.