A thought for Sunday

You can’t have cold if there is no hot, tall without short, happiness without unhappiness, light without dark…one thing has to exist in order to know the other.

Everything has its opposite and without it, it wouldn’t exist.

If we only had ‘good’ things they wouldn’t exist as good. That’s why in reality, all things have to be in balance and neither or good nor bad.

However, life has to have challenges in order for us to learn and grow, in order to want to seek new experiences and to become an even better version of ourselves.

We are not here as a ball of energy and light to stay stuck in our minds, thinking, suffering, judging, hating, fearing…we are here for now, to experience light and dark as a human soul.

The universe gives us everything we need and in order to see it we have to stop looking and to just be. Fear creates resistance and blocks our ability to see.

Don’t fear bad things, welcome them as a new experience and know that good things will come as a balance too. None of these things matter, they will come and go as everyone and thing are temporary.

But If we fear them we will never actually experience real life now, we just spend a suffering ‘existence’ within our own mind.

Let go of the mind and its self-created fear and let our love from our soul shine for us and others.

Experience life whatever shape it comes in rather than be unconscious in fear. We don’t have a life, we are life right now.

Our soul shines

When we start to recognise the many repeating thought patterns that are negative and destructive, that is a major step to disassociating with them. To recognise it means that we have become conscious and in the moment, that awareness is the key step.

Most of our lives we are in an unconscious state, stuck within negative thought patterns, that we become attached to and actually we become them. They manifest into our actions and beliefs.

These thought patterns end up sabotaging us and prohibit us from being in this moment now, they stop us experiencing real life. We are too busy thinking to actually notice we’re alive!

When we realise that we are not our thoughts, we transcend thought and then realise we are the witness to our thoughts, we are spiritual human being and not the myriad of personas that the mind has constructed to fit our ego and its stories.

This realisation frees us from being trapped in the unconscious thought-obsessed state and we can then be free to experience life in this conscious moment. Our soul shines and our ego starts to wane.