Maybe I’m wrong

I’ve become a huge fan of Fearne Cotton’s brilliant podcast, Happy Place and I’m loving her book ‘Bigger Than Us’.

So a recent podcast was with a bloke called Björn and his uplifting story about his time as a forest monk in Thailand.

I won’t spoil the episode but one huge takeaway was the story he told about learning from the Abbott of the monastery who taught him the mantra ‘maybe I’m wrong’.

When you use it before engaging in any reaction to other people’s adverse opinions or behaviour towards use it is a game changer.

Our ego makes us believe we are s always right so we defend our beliefs to the death to win and ca right at any cost.

If we take a moment before reacting to say ‘maybe I’m wrong’ in our head, then inner peace comes.

Then again maybe I’m wrong.

I don’t mind what happens

Krishnamurti summed up life in a nutshell when he said “do you want to know what my secret is?” “You see, I don’t mind what happens”.

When we accept all that is as it is in this moment we are at peace. When we deny what is we suffer.

A nonchalant attitude and the ability to laugh and see always humour allows positive energy to flow.

We do not have to be happy about everything but just to accept it and not allow it to matter.