The mind and the collective mind are held together by myths. The past and future are myths, law is a myth, money is a myth, a company is a myth and so on. We are controlled by them.

The myths only work all the time people believe in them and we are controlled by the mind.

In the now moment, we are all free from myths. Our soul and true essence do not need myths to exist.


Panic and fear are what arises when the individual or collective mind become dominated by projections of the future. The future is a fantasy that exist in our minds and is created by us.

The challenge with the future is that, and because we can not deal with anything, other than in this present moment, the future represents psychological fear. Fear then leads to anger, sadness, violence, lots of emotions and if we become the reaction, our behaviour changes too.

Life is only real now, in this present moment and never in the past or future, they only exist in the mind. We can only ever deal and take action now, so things that arise are simply situations in the present moment and therefore there are no problems ever now.

Problems come in the future, based on what our mind projects, but they are not real.

Live in the now, be free from problems, and then there is no panic, no fear. So few things to be fearful really ever occur in real life, it only occurs in our mind.