We have to be aware of something in order to do something about it.

For example, you can’t escape from prison if you don’t know you’re in one.

Fish don’t know they’re in water as they are surrounded by it.

Exploiting someone who doesn’t know any different.

In order to become aware we have to ask questions, be curious and not accept everything we are told by others. We need knowledge.

Sadly as a human race we’re being farmed without realising it. Ask questions, gain knowledge, look at different viewpoints and escape the farm.

Be aware.

Save money

We can always save money in business, install cheaper, cut corners, water down the mixture, cut wages, and so on. There are many ways to reduce costs.

The problem is that we are trapped in a price-conscious business that is in a race to the bottom with the other businesses in that trap.

Savings equal lesser quality and lower price.

If we create value then the price is not the driver and quality is.

Saving money is easier, building a business on value and quality, takes time and a willingness to overcome fear and risk.