Farmed Automatons

It struck me on the commute and travel through London today that the human race has been farmed into becoming automatons.

The level of real freedom and the level of awareness of our own surroundings is rapidly decreasing.

Nearly everyone on the train, the tube, walking across the station at Victoria was consumed by their ‘smart’ phone. As Seth Godin said ‘labelled ‘smart’ by the people who sell them to us’. They are not smart, they are tools of enslavement to the people who are farming us.

We have always been controlled by a tiny few who have power, but never, until now, did that tiny few totally control us and often one ruling regime was replaced by another or overturned by the populous in a revolution.

The urban world across the planet is now like some Orwellian, post-apocalyptic matrix, where we teem around like robotic ants, rushing to our places of work, or in fact the places of enslavement.

The farmers, the wealthy elite, and i am not talking about people who are chief execs of large companies who have a few million, I am talking about the Rothschilds who have several Trillions of $’s, and the likes of Soros, Rockafeller, Royals and a few more. They own all the banks, the media, the politicians, the large corporations, education, the legal system, oh and you and me.

We are simply their cattle, who they have enslaved by their myths, the biggest one being ‘money’. We are all trapped and enslaved by it, via debt, and the perceived need to have money to survive and more of it to have a slightly better existence.

They look after us, like the animal farmer does it’s cattle. They give us vaccines, milk, they train us, they give us the ability to feed and provide shelter, via their tokens (money) that they give to us in return for working in their ‘factories’. They keep us going so that we consume.

Then they suck up all wealth created by our hard work.

The gap between us and the farmers is so vast now, more vast than any time in the history of the human species, that it is now almost impossible to see a way to change this.

However, the thing that will save us from being farmed more and eventually quite literally chipped and turned into real automatons is the rare thing that we humans possess, along with animals, the ability to survive, and with humans, an ability to be completely adaptable.

We have a hope, but in order for that hope to turn into a reality we all have to do our bit to resist their intrusions, resist their technology, their ideology, their hate, their money and all their myths that control us.

They are busily setting us against each other with their invented hatred, lies, false flag events and fake news.

We are coerced into their wars, which their machine needs in order to keep feeding the military industrial complex that the farmers have turned the US into.

The US is their stronghold and they have used that country and all its’ wealth to control the world from. 

However, we all have a choice and I for one have chosen to stop subscribing to their myths. 

Goodbye one income, uh oh!


Most of us have been used to backing the ‘single income source’ horse in the race of life.

In today’s supercharged changing world of work, this a risky bet.

We have been sold certainty by the mythmakers of the industrialised system. They have sold us such myths as full employment, jobs for life, rising incomes, safe pensions, rising standards of living, safe investments, and so on. They are all just evaporating myths, that were never anything more than a story to increase compliance. Now we are petrified of uncertainty, the slightest hiccup causes panic, anxiety and meltdown.

In just 4 years, it’s predicted, that 45% of the job functions in the US could be done by AI. That’s 4 years, not 40!

All unskilled, semi-skilled and some skilled job functions are at risk to AI, what will we all do when work is no longer there?

The reliance on a single source, usually in the form of an employer, is no longer the safe option. Multiple income streams will increasingly be the only way to allow some security.

There are some fundamental challenges for people to adapt to a multiple-income life from a paid, single source, employment life. It will require learning new skills, becoming able to break away from shallow knowledge-based work to a much deeper focused meaningful work life.

Many will not be equipped emotionally or skilled enough to make this change.

The solution though is to look at what we need our income for, do we ever stop to question that?

If we need our income to service debts for houses and consumption of shit we don’t need, then perhaps the loss of a single substantial income coming from a safe job is going to be a real shock to many.

If we assessed our lives differently,looked to see that beyond the essentials, we really only need money to fund activities with the people who matter and to create happiness, memories and legacies that are meaningful for ourselves and the other humans we share the planet with. Then having a lower income coming from a range of flexible activities and less time at work is hugely more soulful and rewarding for all and more appealing.

After all, we are never going to say at the end of our journeys ‘shit, I wish I’d work longer’ or ‘if only I could have owned more stuff’ or ‘I am so glad I had that big house, big car, big….’

We are all going to have to say goodbye to a single income and accept that work will be more scarce.

Who knows, perhaps we can allow AI to do the work and we can do better things for ourselves and the human race.