The Art of Change – Gallery

‘Fuerteventura’ by Philip Dodson

I have been blogging every single day since the 1st September 2015 and doing my daily writing journal too since September 2014 and gradually by doing a piece of art or using my own photography for each blog, I have accumulated a great deal of art and photos.

Art has changed my life and after the fairly normal off-putting shaming experience of school art, I did not rediscover my love of art until 6 years ago. Like my writing, I have now incorporated art into my daily life and it has created some amazing changes. I am more creative, more confident, happier, more relaxed and it has lead to some amazing new opportunities and set my life off in a new direction.

I ran an art club at my coworking space, I have also co-facilitate The Art Of Innovation workshops that use art as a way of exploring many different themes and I enjoy doing art on a daily basis.

Below is a gallery with a selection of my work.

Please feel free to contact me about commissioning or to purchase any of my work.