Now, what we need

This is a post from over a year ago, but applies very well to the world now. Now, is the only time for anything to be real, to be true, to happen and right now the world needs to accept what is and be at peace, not panic and live in fear.

The more we accept, the more we let go, the more we focus on what really matters, the more peaceful a life we have.

Peace is an inside job, a choice we can all make.

Evolve now

The insanity and darkness of the individual and collective human mind threaten its very existence on this planet. Crazy, like a cancer’s growth destroys the very thing it needs to exist. We have now reached such a level of insanity, driven by ego and thought, that it is inflicting unseen destruction and violence upon everything in this world. It is not sustainable.

Our only hope is that the current spiritual awakening gathers enough momentum and spreads to bring about the most critical evolution of the human race. We need to transcend the unconscious mind possessed state to one of awareness, consciousness and light. Then we can choose to use the amazing creative skills of the human mind for good, instead of being possessed by the mind and it’s sabotaging repetitive thought and egotistical stories.

Our purpose is to be the light for others to be inspired by and to be the example. Only the egotistical mind possessed human believes they can change the world, we can only focus on ourselves and allowing our true spiritual essence to shine its light for others.