The paradox of bad things

Often, when we face the abyss in some form on our journey, we suddenly discover consciousness and awaken from our mind obsessed life that has meant we are never in the moment and only fearing life.

It is the dark thing that brings us the light and jolts us into really living life in this moment. The paradox is that our mind creates the constant fear of so called bad things that awakens our life.

What’s next?

What’s next?

This is how we live our lives, always seeking the next thing, and never enjoying it when it comes, as we’ve moved onto the next thing and so on until there is no next thing. The end.

Enjoy now, as in this moment right now, it is our only real life. It’s the only time we can actually do or experience anything. We can’t laugh, sing, smile, jump, hug, eat, make art, make music, love, cherish, taste, smell, see, or hear in the past or in the future.

It all happens now…the next thing is just a thought.