In the now

Challenges come, and they go. Everything passes.

The more we resist that process, the longer things stay a challenge.

When we focus on this moment and this moment only, there can never be a challenge that we can not deal with right now. Therefore, we take action or not and it is dealt with.

If we resist what is, if we do not accept what has already happened, if we put up a mental fight to it, then that denial prolongs whatever it is.

We can not change what has happened and what might happen will never come, now is it.

Allow the past to be that, the past, do not live in the fantasy of the future, it never comes…just be, in the now.

Outside our head

We get sucked into things, it consumes us and we are actually unconscious of anything around us, unaware of our breathing, our senses dulled, our appreciation of our environment switched off, not appreciating anything. This can be for a few moments, but rarely so short.

This isn’t a one-off thing, this is the unconscious life of our mind-obsessed existence, which consumes nearly all of our life every single day.

We can, of course, choose a different option. We can choose to be aware, awake, conscious, free from the mind, in this moment. Then we can experience the magic of life that is outside of our head.