Let go of denying this moment

If we spend the time that is a special occasion or holiday dreading it ending and not enjoying it, planning a better one next time, thinking of the next day, and then spending the time in between the special occasions/holiday/big thing waiting for that time to pass and hating each moment, what is the point of a special occasion or holiday? And what is the point of life?

It seems we are always wanting to deny the moment that is now, this present moment, we always are imagining a better one in the future or remembering one we had. But the memory is false, as the reality was, instead of enjoying that past moment then, we were actually at the time dreaming of a better one in the imaginary future.

Just enjoy now, leave the patterns of the mind, the imaginary story, and appreciate your surroundings, hear the noises and sounds, feel the air, sense the smells, notice the objects around you, hear, see, and just feel your inner energy and soul too. Magic is in this ‘ordinary’ present moment always, we just have to be conscious to observe and enjoy it. Stop looking and just see.

Let go of denying this moment, it is your real life.



Why do we spend a good deal of our lives in denial?

We deny ourselves the true freedom to be the person we really are.

We deny ourselves happiness by accepting things that we know not to be right for us, often through fear of upsetting others.

Yet we would rather deny our own happiness than upset others, who are often doing the very same thing, madness.

Instead, we could allow ourselves to live the life that would make us happy. The thing that holds all of us back is ourselves and this acceptance of denying ourselves the things that make us happy.

We have been brainwashed by society to think about ourselves is selfish and wrong. So we deny ourselves the life we want so as not to be seen as selfish.

If you are happy, then this will be better for those around you and importantly, better for you. Yet we are often too busy spending our time trying to make others happy.

The person best qualified to know what will enable us to be happy is ourselves, not others.

Stop deny yourself and allow yourself to be happy, you’d be mad not to. Start by choosing your own happiness first and not that of others.