Acceptance inside not outside

Inner acceptance of ‘what is’ does not need to be confused with outward acceptance.

Accepting what is and others as they are and as this moment is, enables us to be at peace, however, it does not mean we agree with it or are happy about it. Of course, we might be, but accepting inside is not agreement. It just means we are making a conscious choice not to suffer from what is, something that can not be change.

If we then choose to voice our view or act, it is from a place of calm and free from egoic attachment to the outcome, and again, removing any suffering from other peoples’ reactions.

Surrendering to what has already occurred and what other people are is not being a ‘doormat’ or weak, it is strength to be able to free ourselves from the resistance to what we can not change.

Inside is what counts as it is the only thing we can control.

Peace within

If we can learn to always accept this moment as it is and not dwell on the past or the future then we can be at peace within.

The moment we look back to see what could have been different or look forward to see what might happen because of what occurred, is the moment that we become trapped in our mind and deny what is. Futile and only causes us suffering within.

Always be at peace with what is.