What you have

When was the last time you actually took the time to consider what you have at this moment in your life?

We spend most of our lives wishing to be in another moment and often with more stuff, more money, more success, more, more, more.

We are born with all that we need and we’ll die with all that we need, no amount of ‘more stuff’ will alter that.

What we all have now, as in right now, is life. Appreciate that and let all the rest go and enjoy peace, not happiness or misery, but the true joy that peace brings no matter how much you have or don’t.



Often in life, like squirrels with nuts, we accumulate all kinds of physical or virtual things. The difference between us and the squirrels is squirrels collect nuts to eat to survive.

We collect stuff often without thought as to why we collect it.

I had for example collected over 900 connections on LinkedIn, quite a small network compared to pro-squirrels, who may have amassed 1,000’s of connections.

We had accumulated at home, randomly, more plates, cups, glasses, cutlery and stuff than we could need for many families or lifetimes.

We need to consume or do something with all the needless stuff we have accumulated.

For example, I am now reaching out personally to every one of 900 people on LinkedIn that I am connected to, simply to see if there is something we maybe able to help each other with. No sales pitch, no future invoice in mind, just connecting with another human because I can and who knows where it might lead.

At home, we are reducing everything to what we actually need and giving away what we do not need.

There are many more examples you could all find in your own lives where you have simply accumulated something and not to stopped to question why.

Removing physical clutter feels great and so does removing mental clutter too.

Use things, gather only what you need and don’t be a squirrel unless you like nuts and living in a tree.