When we’ve had a long day, and we are physically and mentally tired, we can allow things to start to frustrate, irritate and even get us angry.

We then fight on and carry on and got more frustrated with the fact that we are annoyed.

Just follow our feelings and say enough…time to stop, time to take a break.

When we fight on we create negative energy inside and that only makes us feel worse. When we let go, when we say ‘fuck it!!’ we let release the tension, we accept and we automatically feel more positive.

Some days we just have to say ‘enough’.

Releasing ourselves and others

Always the letting go and acceptance brings us peace.

The expectation of others, denial of what is and the struggle to make things happen that we can not control bring us suffering.

The universe will bring us all that we need, always, we just need to be at peace within and with the right energies to take the opportunities that are there. We can only see when we are not looking beyond now.

Let go of expectation and release ourselves and others from the burden and suffering.