Having a bad day?

We all have them, despite what the insanely ‘happy’ people believe.

Once we accept that we will have them and learn to recognise the early signs, there are two choices. Well, actually there are many choices, but here is a common choice many people make and an alternative that might work.

One, spiral downwards into the vortex of self-loathing, beatings, misery and frustration that is a pit of despair that we can wallow in for hours or longer, depending on how skilled we are at making ourselves feel even worse.

Or, two, we can accept that it’s not going to be a great day and pledge to get at least one good thing done or one good piece of learning from the day. Often best to stop what we are doing and go and do something completely random and small, something that we know we can achieve and gain the feel-good of doing that.

If you select option two, chances are that when we do something small and finish it, we might find another small thing to do and so on. Chances are, we won’t have had the best day ever, but there we go, that’s life, but we will have avoided the pit of despair that more than likely leads us to have more than one bad day.

I could have…

I could have been…well, many things but I wasn’t. I could have been a contender as Marlon Brando said in ‘On The Waterfront’.

We make a choice in life and at that time there could have been many other options that we didn’t take.

The fact is, it is in the past and whatever route we took or take the outcomes are always uncertain.

Therefore, the could have, should have, what might have been thoughts we have is a waste of time. We only use them to beat ourselves when we feel we made a bad choice.

The good news is we can still choose a different path at any time and even if we had chosen the other path in the past it could have led to a worse outcome too.

It is better to accept where we are and the journey, learn and make new choices than it is to lament missed opportunities. There are no certainties so better to enjoy the journey we took not the one we didn’t go on.