Do something different

If we keep doing the same thing, thinking the same thoughts, reacting the same way…well, no surprise, everything continues as is.

If we want to change something in our life, and of course, not doing anything is an option too, then we have to do something different, step away from our repetitive thought patterns and stop reacting.

The simple change can be to just let things go, accept what is, accepting others as they are and just being.

Just be.

A summer evening.

I’m sitting in the garden, just listening to the birds, the coolness of a summer evening as the sun sets, a gentle breeze, a flapping of a bird’s wings in the tree.

Sounds and smells of nature, a beautiful sky, with ever changing colours as the sun continues to fade behind the horizon.

This background of the real moment, now, is always there. It’s we just don’t notice it, our endless repetitive mind-streams of thought drown it out.

If we stop and listen, allowing some our senses to enjoy this moment, then we become conscious and at peace.

This is freely available now, it’s just we have to choose to become it and enjoy it.