Many spend a lot of their lives searching for a better job, a better partner, a better house, a better this or that.

If we stopped searching for better or more and just lived now in this moment, focused on what we have and be truly grateful from our hearts for everything we have, we change from negative energies to positive energies. The transformation is life-changing.

If we focus on living and not searching, the universe brings all that we need.

hide and seek

The problem with hiding as a strategy for life is what we hide from doesn’t go away.

The problem with seeking things is it is scary.

What is in between running and brutally facing fears is a personal journey where we choose the pace of life not what is dictated to us by others.

A series of small steps that are easily taken on a regular basis takes us from hiding to seeking without it being difficult.

Small is achievable and big is too much and why we stay hidden.