Connecting with nature

When we connect with nature, whether that is plants or animals, whatever, we become conscious and we become awake.

It allows us to transcend the thinking mind, to step away from the time-bound dimension of ‘normal’ life and free ourselves to be at one with all that is. To simply appreciate the beauty of nature, the still, peaceful, and conscious.

Animals and plants can be great spiritual teachers, they can teach us about just being and about stillness. They do not form judgements of themselves or others, they know only the time as ‘now’, as that is all there ever is and ever will be.

When we learn and connect with nature, we are at peace, we feel inner joy, we allow ourselves to just be.

The shape of coral in the sea, the veins on a leaf, the network of rivers, the branches on a tree are the same design as a human lung. That tells you how we are all one, all connected and in our mind-controlled unconscious state we disconnect from that and we suffer accordingly.

Seeing the signs

There are signs everywhere and yet we do not see them.

We are all looking for the next big thing, it’s how we’ve become conditioned by the collective mind. We so desperately want it that it never comes. That’s because we are sending out desperate signals to the world and desperation puts others off and they’re too busy desperately seeking something to notice anyway.

If we paused our search for the next big thing and enjoyed this moment, that is now, right now, becoming actually awake and away from the desperation of our thoughts, we’d start to see. Seeing is about awareness, about consciousness, about being aligned with our true essence and not attached to the story and the unconsciousness of the mind. Our sight is blocked by our mental blindfold of judgement and desperation to find what we so desperately seek.

When conscious, we’d see the signs and the universe would work with us to bring us all we need to experience what we seek from our soul and not our mind.