It’s funny, the unconscious mind controls us to punish others for the perceived harm done by them to our self-image, to our ego, to the mind-created self. They only can harm us if we choose to, if we stay conscious we realise it does not matter.

The insane thing is, it all happens in our mind, and often the minds of others when they react to our punishing behaviour, and none of it happens or exists in the real conscious world.

Weirdly, punishing others or being a victim, or both, are things that inflict pain and suffering on the perpetrator, not the person they attempt to punish.

That is the madness of the mind and its unconscious behaviour. Peace is freely available to all who choose in the conscious moment.

A light in the cave

The repeating patterns of thought, the ones that we have had thousands of times before, are there all the time in the background.

They are so normal that we do not notice them. It is like static or white noise, playing 24/7.

These thoughts are not constructive, positive or new.

To find them we need to bring awareness and consciousness to ourselves. It is a bit like shining a light into a dark cave, these thoughts hide deep in the cave, deep in our unconsciousness.

If we remain in the moment, present, conscious, and awake, then the light shines on them, once we see them we can then choose to change them, to stop them. Once the light is shined on them they can not survive.

Consciousness is achieved when we allow our thoughts to be, simply witnessing them and not responding so as to not energise them. If we focus on the beauty around us, the noise, the light, the smells, the sounds, our own breathing and inner energy, then we can take that light into the cave and find those deep unconscious thoughts.