Seeing the trigger

The more we realise at the first instance when we are reacting from the mind and it’s ego and step away, the less we can get pulled into reacting.

Once we go down the path of the reaction and the mind takes over, it’s like a powerful magnet that drags us further and further in and the harder it becomes to back down with others. Our ego will not want us to be wrong.

The moment the trigger is about to be pulled, just, physically and within, walk away and let go. Before the reaction takes hold.

Once this habit forms and it will take a long time, the more peace we will have within and with others. It’s all about seeing what triggers it and catching it before the gun goes off.

Doing as your true self

It’s amazing just how much of our life we spend on autopilot.

Day in, day out, on a weekly, monthly, yearly, sometimes a whole lifetime spent doing stuff out of habit and because others do it too.

When do we stop to actually really analyse what we do? Rarely, as we are in our unconscious mind-controlled thinking state almost all day, every day.

It takes a consciously focused moment to pause and reflect on what we are doing to even begin to see the habits and often how insane they are. It then takes a habit-forming change to start becoming conscious as the default state. Then increasingly, what we do flows from our essence and true being and we are doing for the joy of doing in that moment, not habitually doing as a means to some fantasy future ends.

Be aware, be awake, see what you are doing without being aware, and then you can change it, you can then do as your true self.