What’s the point?

Why do we do what we do?

Do we ever stop and ask ourselves?

Most of our life we spend it on autopilot drift from one activity to another in familiar patterns of the same activities.

Do we ever question the purpose?

Most of what we do isn’t really that necessary or important. We do it out of habit and false obligation.

We also do many things to keep the story going, the image, driven by our ego.

Perhaps, we could pause and take a moment to consider do I need to do or say that or react in the way?

Take ownership

If we want something to be different or change, then we have to do something different.

Seems simple, but so many of us repeat the same things and expect something to change, particularly as our ego looks to others to change as they are the ones causing our misfortune, or perhaps it’s the weather or something else that we can blame or be a victim of.

It all starts with us, we are the only ones that can change anything in our lives and it requires us to do something new. It often requires sacrifice and it will certainly involve commitment to forming new habits.

The simple change can come from letting go of our thoughts and repeating mindstreams and focusing on this moment. Consciousness allows us to become aware and awareness is vital for any change or growth to take place.

Be in this moment and take ownership.