3 days left

If like many, on the 1st January 2018, you set a goal to achieve by 31st December 2018 you only have 3 days left to achieve it.

How many of the goals we set at the start of the year are we even close to achieving by the end of it?

Maybe it’s better to set goals regularly with much shorter more focused deadlines, like 3 months instead of 12 months.

The problem with annual goals is they are just too far away to galvanise us to start immediately. We get so far into the year that we realise because we had 12 months, we set ridiculous goals that, due to inaction, by midway through the year we have little chance of achieving. We give up and maybe even write off half a year to wait for January again to set some new 12 month goals. Only to repeat the process year after year.

Short-term focused goals that mean we have to take immediate action and if we limit ourselves to 3 months, we are less likely to set unrealistic goals. The other good thing is every three months we get the chance to recalibrate and not waste a year before we realise we are miles off track.

Trying too hard

‘Whirlwind’ by Philip Dodson

When we try too hard all our energy is wrapped up in the result. The future outcome may or may not happen, as the future never occurs, it will always be now when or if we get there.

So the mind is constantly willing an outcome that only exists in our mind and therefore the energy does not go to the actual doing of the work in the now.

When we are actually doing work towards that future, with the focus only on the result, we are unable to concentrate on our work in a good way as we are full of anxiety about the future outcome that we are so desperate to achieve.

The outcome is not important, it is the actual focus on doing our very best now and nothing else. What we do now always creates the future, but we can’t predict the outcome today. We can choose to accept that by enjoying the process of work now and thus relieve the anxiety and pressure the expected result always brings.