Light within

What we focus on consumes the mind, and if we allow it, us too.

We alone choose what we focus on.

So if we want a different outcome, then we have to change our focus.

If we focus on our inner energy, our true essence and then that is what will dominate our life right now. If however, we stay stuck within our repeating negative thought patterns, then that is where we will stay…stuck.

Our light within can only shine if we focus on it, now.

A weather vane blowing in the wind

If we fall into the habit of allowing ‘news’ whether good or bad to affect our mood up or down, then external factors, that are always beyond our control, start to rule our mood. We lose control and simply become like a weather vane blowing in the wind.

If we concentrate on our energy within, our very soul and essence, and accept always things as they are ‘good’ or ‘bad’, which are just subjective labels of our mind and conditioning, then we will find life unfolds more peacefully.

We can not always be happy but we can be at peace with that feeling without the need to label and judge everything all the time.