Simple things

If you want to start a practice of switching your mind and the constant mind stream off and enjoying a peaceful moment or moments, then I can recommend building or creating with your hands.

Then simply putting all your focus into that and the moment and what you are doing.

Then peace comes and joy during and at the end of what you have done.

Simple things bring all we need.

Write from the soul

The trick isn’t to please others with what we write as that is artificial and of the egoic state. The thing is, write from your soul, from your heart, from your essence ad from your true being beyond the mind.

Write what comes from your true intuition and wisdom, from a focus on a conscious moment, where the noise of the mind is silent and where you can speak from within. That is where all true creativity is born.

If no one likes it, that only matters to the ego and its stories, which after all is not you and can not bother you if you remain conscious and free from the entanglement with ‘little me’.

Write from the soul always.