Starts with me

Hate…starts with me
Anger…starts with me
Fear…starts with me
Jealousy…starts with me
Judgement…starts with me
Not the other

Kindness…starts with me
Love…starts with me
Empathy…starts with me
Compassion…starts with me
Joy…starts with me
Not the other

I can love first
I can understand first
I can listen first
I can hug first
I can share my light first
It starts with me
Not the other

This brief dance

There is always a little something we hold back from the world. Why? Fear.

Sometimes, for many, there is more than a little, there is nearly all of our true essence that we fear to reveal. The suffering comes from the holding back, from the waiting, from the ‘shall I?’…’no better not’.

Revealing our true self means going deep into the wild, to be on the edge, to risk it all…what are we all waiting for?

This brief dance on the stage is all we have, it’s very brief, and we fear the audience. A blink and it’s gone.

Leap, dance, sing, jump…go crazy, do whatever that beautiful amazing inner essence and soul wants to experience. Don’t wait the clock is ticking. No one cares and if they do, it doesn’t matter. Do and don’t think.