Controlling ourselves

Controlling ourselves is hard.

It means overcoming demons, it means creating new pathways in the brain, new habits, it means being intentional about change.

It requires us to resist the now, resist the instant gratification fix, it means having patience with ourselves. Giving ourselves enough space, time, kindness and compassion to be able to build the new habit.

There is no shortcut, it just takes the small steps, day after day and being kind to ourselves when we react without control.

We could imagine a big stop button in our heads and each time we feel the short term reaction come then press the imaginary button.

Maybe over time, this will help us have more control in our life.

It’s a journey worth taking as being in control of the only thing we can actually control has a massive impact on our joy, happiness and well-being for the long term.

It also has a massive impact for those who matter in your life too.


Some days we run out of time.

Some days we do not have an ace up the sleeve.

Some days we just run out of steam.

Some days we do not have the energy.

However, if you set yourself a small daily ritual, and you keep doing it every single day for long enough. It won’t matter how late in the day or lacking in energy you are, you will not want to break the streak.

Tiny daily steps matter even when you do them late in the day.

As Seinfeld does with his daily joke writing, he never breaks the chain.