I have no time

We don’t have any more or any less time than another.

We choose what we do with our time and there is always enough of it.

It’s just a question of what we do with it and that is our choice.

However, driven by our ego, we say ‘I’m so busy, I’ve got no time for “x”‘ So we can seem super important to ourselves and others.

Also, the mind tricks us to believe that we are so busy so that we put things off and thus reduce the risk to its fragile ego. It’s an excuse.

We each have this moment now, now is it, that is all we have and the only time we can actually do anything. Whatever we feel like doing we can do, now, and if we step away from the trickery of the mind then we have all the time we need to do whatever we want.

There isn’t time

The human mind’s myth of time, both individually and collectively, has enslaved the human to a life of suffering.

If we escape the mind and the myth, then we are always present in this moment…conscious.

If we are in the mind, then we are in the past or the future, always with the suffering of regret and fear. Suffering the resistance to the present moment.

There isn’t time…just now.