We have all the knowledge we need, so what’s missing?

For the first time in the history of humans, we have all the knowledge we need. The internet has pretty much everything to tell us how to do something? Yet we stay stuck. We can watch a ‘how to make an ‘x”, but rather than watch it and learn, we stay stuck.

There are Udemy, Skillshare and countless, low cost, easily accessible, learning platforms, yet we stay stuck.

There is a book for almost everything you can imagine, there are many social media platforms, so if we don’t want to find it out for ourselves, then we can ask. Yet we stay stuck.

There is more knowledge available than in any other time in history, yet we stay stuck.

Why? What is missing?


Without it, we stay stuck

Ahead of the giant leapers

One step.

Then another.

Two, three, four, ten, a hundred…

Each step has a purpose.

Each step is small.

Sooner than we expect we are there.

Easier than we realise, we can continue.

We are looking back on all the struggling giant leapers who are wondering why we are ahead.

If we were meant to be leapers, we would be like a frog.

Don’t be a giant leaper, be a small stepper.