What is the purpose of life?

This is a question that we all ask ourselves, often on a regular basis.

The answer is this moment now.

We can only ever do, experience, say, think, feel, love, act, be kind, be understanding, empathetic, caring, or do, say, feel or think anything right now.

The rest does not matter as it is in our heads as a memory of the past or a fear, a thought, or a hope of the future.

Our purpose is now and making a difference now. Knowing our unique gift and giving it away to the world. We are here just once, for a limited number of ‘moments’ and the purpose is to create experiences that we can have and be right now and in the unfolding now moments.

What experiences we chose to create are, of course, uniquely ours and the gift or gifts we have and give are ours and uniquely ours to share.

Our purpose is to be ourselves completely and authentically from our true essence, heart and soul.

Enjoy this moment, it is all we have.

What is art?

All art is useless, I think Oscar Wilde said that.

A fork is useful but I could live without a fork. Art is use-less but I couldn’t live without it.

We slave away in our so called ‘proper’ jobs doing very important stuff to earn lots of money. We’re told at school and by parents that the arts aren’t important and we need to focus on math, science etc so we can get those ‘proper’ jobs.

Then what do we spend our money on from our proper jobs? Well, art for the house, music to listen to, we go to watch a play, we go to the cinema to watch a film, we watch TV, we watch YouTube, we buy a beautifully designed and crafted piece of furniture, we pay an architect to design our new house, we buy a beautifully designed fancy car that looks amazing and so on.

Yep, we work hard to spend our money on stuff that artists, musicians, actresses, designers, architects, creative writers, and so on, who have worked tirelessly as an artist to bring you their art to entertain you or for your enjoyment.

Art is imperfect and it is the imperfect that we love in life, the cracks are how the light gets in.

Useful things are just that, utilitarian and functional. Art is the life and soul of the party, the reason to be alive.

Art is life and without it life would be just useful. I want a use-less life filled with art.