There’s no point

Often there will be a question of ‘what’s the point of that…?’ when someone does not see the value or understand something. A valid question, of course.

The thing is, there does not have to be a point or purpose to anything that we do. If we feel like something, then that is what we can do. We are here for a blip, a very short time, nothing matters, we’ll all be a pile of dust in 100 years or less from now.

What we feel is all that matters, just be, allow the joy from within to be manifested and do not worry about what others may think about it or not.

There is no point to anything and it does not matter.

People, they come and go

Some people come into our lives briefly, we connect, they teach us something, the show us a light. Then perhaps they move on again and we disconnect.

Don’t be saddened by the disconnection, they came for a purpose and then went.

Accept that, but be grateful for the learning and the growth.

The universe puts people where they are meant to be in our life to show us the path.

Some will stay, some will go, it doesn’t matter, what matters is the part they play in our journey and if we are awake and conscious, then we see what they bring.

Often, when we are obsessed with our story and our mind and its repeating thoughts, we miss what people bring for us, we miss their presence, we miss their light.