What’s the agenda?

We go to conferences, events, networking meetings and other gatherings.

Often the agenda is to sell, gather contacts, make a return on investment. It’s all about the Dollars and Cents.

What if the agenda was to listen, evaluate and learn?

Perhaps the short term bucks would be less, but longer term the return could be a great deal higher.

Play the long game and adjust the agenda.


You can craft the perfect message all day long but if you haven’t defined who you message is for or the purpose of the message, then it simply won’t matter.

Definition is the starting point for anything so everyone is clear from the beginning what we are looking to achieve and what we are meaning.

It is important in our own minds to be super clear what our objective is too.

A great deal of miscommunication and failed objectives come because we weren’t clear in our message and we weren’t clear who the message was for.

Simple and defined messages enable others to understand our purpose.