How much of our days do we spend on autopilot?

Not even noticing anything, constantly in our minds thinking of the past or constructing the future.

Doing most things as a means to end but never getting to an end, because when or if we get there we do not enjoy the moment as we are already with thouhgts of what’s next.

We are on a automatic conveyor belt to the end of our journey without every enjoying the journey.

Switch the autopilot off and live life now. Enjoy every moment, there are no gaurantees for any of us.

Everything is good

I saw this on a bag today and it made me think about when people say that ‘everything is great’.

Firstly, it never is, and why people want to say that is the fear of being seen as a failure or they feel they have to fit in. We don’t have to fit in.

Perhaps the happiness guru has memed them into believing we should always be ‘great’, ‘amazing’ or ‘awesome’ or in fact, all three of them and skipping as we say it.

Second, and most important, if everything is great where is the struggle we need to become even better? What is the point of carrying on if everything is going amazing all the time?

We need the shit and the struggle to give our lives purpose and meaning. Of course, not all the time. But if it’s always good, then there is no balance, no bad. So it’s not good or bad, just nothing.