And then I thought

'Thought' by Philip Dodson

I want to do…

And then I thought.

I’d like to make…

And then I thought.

My heart tells me to say…

And then I thought.

I’d love to…

And then I thought.

My soul aches to be the light…

And then I thought.

This is the cycle we get trapped in when the mind is energised and we associate with our thoughts. Thinking halts action.

Be still, be conscious, allow this moment to be, let your thoughts float by and leave. Fear will subside and dissolve. Creativity flows from the soul and we then use our mind as the amazing tool that it is to manifest that creativity not to sabotage us with the ramblings of the untrained mind and its ego.

Making a mess

As a child it was always ‘don’t do that, it will make a mess’. This creates the habit of not letting go and restricting our creativity.

It’s taken me a lot of my life to realise, the best things come from making a mess and freeing ourselves.

I spent today in my art studio making a mess, some went wrong and ended up even better.

Enjoy making a mess whatever it is it can always be cleaned up and the freedom of letting go allows us to create our best.