Without it, what would you dare to do?

Without fear, what would you dare to do?

When I mean fear, I do not mean fear caused by a current physical danger, we do not know when they will occur and, to be honest, when someone or something physically threatens us right now, we are either going to freeze, fight or take flight. It is not imaginary, it is real. We deal with a situation that occurs now, we do not have time to think, we simply accept and do something, or not.

Psychological fear is what sabotages us doing things constantly throughout our lives. It comes from the mind’s incessant obsession with projecting an imaginary future for us, driven by the self-image and all its insecurities, the need to protect the precious ego.

Being driven by our endless thoughts leads to an imagined fear, one that prohibits us from doing. As it is not a fear caused by physical danger and is only imagined, it is not real, and therefore, we can not cope with it or deal with, as it has not and will not, ever happen.

So without psychological fear, so that means without thinking of the future and thus living in our real lives, right now this moment, what would you do? What would you try?

Crazy, the insanity of creating imaginary fear to stop us living our lives now in the present moment to protect a mind created self-image known as our ego.

Predicting the unpredicatable

We all do it, we try to predict the weather, horse races, what a person will do, say, think…and so on.

Perhaps it is better to accept what is, go with the flow of life as it unfolds and simply realise life is unpredictable, especially as we only control one single element, ourselves.

That way we can enjoy our lives instead of the fear, anxiety, worry, stress, and so on caused by the never-ending projection of the future in our minds.