We worry about doing things and when it is the right time.

There is no right time when you just allow things to unfold and happen. If you put all your focus in on what you are doing right now, then there is no space for the mind to be thinking about doing or not doing, or when the perfect time is.

The mind’s agenda is to sabotage, as there is a risk when we do things to the mind’s fragile ego. The delicate ego can be easily bruised by a comment from others, or a look, or a thought that we may be ridiculed or we could fail. So the mind brings up good reasons to convince us not to risk it and stay stuck in thought.

If we are conscious and in the present moment, then there is no energy placed on thought and we are free from the mind, there is no space for thought if we are deeply engaged in whatever we are currently doing. The flow of each unfolding conscious moment free from sabotage allows us to just start doing and free of doubt we just do, we enjoy, the joy comes from within and we find ourselves freely doing all the things that the mind would have stopped us.

The only time that you can ever do anything is now, and if you are awake and focused you will do.

If you want to get rich

‘If you want to get rich beyond your wildest dreams, then I have put together an easy to follow guide to getting rich, so you too can have the riches that I have…simply click the link to download your guide now’

It’s the same script for many who are selling you shortcuts, guaranteed wealth, happiness, and so on.

There are no shortcuts to riches as you are already rich. Not rich in terms of financial wealth or material wealth. You are born with all the riches you’ll ever need for a purposeful and joy-filled life. You can find them deep in your inner soul and you can unlock them whenever you need them through becoming awake, conscious and away from the mind and thought. The very thought that constructs the mind trap of shortcuts and the very thought that believes you need them to find happiness.

If you are poor and stuck in your mind and unhappy, if you were to get rich quick, you would still be stuck in your mind and unhappy, but with a big pile of money.

Richness within the soul is peace, love, joy, calm, and just being, being awake and experiencing the unlimited riches contained in the present moment. Consciousness is the only riches you’ll ever need.