What now?

And what now?

Are you waiting for the next big thing?

We spend our lives wishing away the so-called ‘ordinary’ moment to get to the next big thing.

Only when we get there, we want to move on to the next even bigger thing. So we do not even enjoy the ‘big thing’ when it arrives.

Our life is made up of a series of now moments…like, now.

They are only ordinary if that’s how we choose to see them.

Life will always be now…the rest is just suffering in our mind from the past or what might be.

If we sit

‘Old Father Thames’ by Philip Dodson

If we sit at night and dread the coming day, then we are projecting into the future creating psychological fear.

If we sit in the day and regret what happened the day before, then we are stuck in the past, a thing that cannot be changed and no longer exists.

These states of unconscious mind activity seem normal, yet in the conscious moment that is now, we realise that our mind is where the insanity is. We are dwelling on a past that no longer exists or projecting into an unreal future…crazy. Then basing our beliefs upon such insanity. Even madder.

If we sit in this moment and experience just this moment then we can let go of the insanity and be at peace. We can base our beliefs on the real-life moment and allow ourselves to be truly ourselves free from the madness our mind creates.