A guide to life

The past is exactly that, the past, it no longer exists except for the image and memory associated with that image inside our heads.

Simply because an outcome happened in a particular way a week ago, a month ago, or 5 years ago, does not mean that is what will happen now.

It may happen the same way if we listen to the mind and allow it to control our thoughts, emotions, reactions and actions. If we allow things to be, act according to the situation now and use our mind creatively instead of it possessing us destructively using the past as the only guide, then the outcome will be what will be now not what happened before.

The past is not the guide to what you will do or achieve now. Now is the moment and our focus on that is what matters.

Sheep and fear

I saw something posted on Facebook today about fear and sheep. I modified it slightly to ‘a sheep spends its entire life fearing a wolf will eat it, only to be eaten by the shepherd’.

The thing is, we only die once, yet in the mind, we die thousands of times.

Don’t be a sheep, stay away from the mind and be in the moment, enjoy now, where there is nothing to fear.