What next?

This is a question we are always asking ourselves and others.

Perhaps, we could ask instead ‘what now?’.

Shifting from the mind projected illusion that is the future with all its artificial problems, challenges, uncertainties, worries, fears…to now, the present moment, the only moment when we can do anything, feel anything, sense anything, change anything and be alive.

Friday and Monday

If you’ve been longing all week for today and then on Sunday you are dreading Monday, then it’s time to consider a change.

When you are at peace, doing something that brings you joy, then every moment of each day is the same, you want to be in that moment and not looking for the highs and dreading the lows.

Life is this moment and so is change. You won’t want to be elsewhere when you’re doing something that counts to you. If you want always to be elsewhere, when you get there, you’ll still have the same problems.