We are one big ball of energy and when we come across other energies it affects our energy, positively and negatively.

Simple…but a major impact on our lives that most are not aware of.

Yet when is this taught to us? Where on the school curriculum is this covered? Why is it not discussed?

We are so engulfed by our minds and the story inside, that we aren’t aware of energies, vibrational frequencies, our own inner energy and impact all these things have on us.

We are amazingly still taught how to calculate the circumference of a circle though.

Light will come

We do not hear
We do not see
We do not feel
We do not smell
We do not love
We do not just be

We listen to reply
We look to the future
We are within our heads
We are with our thoughts
We are in the dark
We are the story of me

We can hear
We can see
We can feel
We can smell
We can love
We can be

We are the light
We are one with all
We are love
We are joy
We are peace
We are awake

The light will rise
The light will shine
Our souls will overcome
Our spirits will shun
The darkness will fade
Light will come