A little step forward

As we all sit here on the 1st day of a new year pondering the tsunami of things we are going to change simply because the date has changed, just pause, then take the list of things to do and throw it away.

When we set ourselves these huge lists they are too much for the mind, they present too much change and therefore it’s risky, so the mind will sabotage. Also, willpower only lasts so long, so by the mid to end of January, most have given up.

Just pick something today that you can do, a small step towards changing one thing, and focus on that for a few weeks. Then pick another and so on.

Small, manageable and ‘easy’ daily steps take us forward and build like compound interest if we take the small step every day.

The tsunami of change always fails. Take a little step now.

Building a wall of excuses

Brick by brick we build our walls of excuses as to why we can not do something. Every suggestion is met by a wall of negative reasons to not do it. The mind sabotages as it perceives a risk.

It’s better to find reasons to do rather than to avoid. But that means stepping away from our mind and its ego.

This requires us to stop projecting forward, to stop focusing on the outcome, the end result. This is all involved in looking into the future and the uncertainty creates psychological fear, a thing we can not deal with now.

If we just focus on how we can start doing something now. Focusing our energies on just the first step, getting started. We will never know how anything turns out, however, we all know how to do that simple first step…the simple steps do not allow the mind to see any risk.

After all the future is unreal, so we just don’t know what will be, so worth just starting and not worrying about anything else. A series of tiny small repetitive steps create some of the most spectacular things. There is no opportunity to build a wall of excuses as we are focused and busy with lots of straightforward easy steps and we are in the moment enjoying the doing not in the mind and looking to why it won’t work.

Find a reason to build something not to build a wall of excuses to stop doing it.