Without evaluating

One of the biggest steps we can make towards peace, calm and joy within is to observe the exterior world without evaluation. The highest intelligence is to simply observe not judge.

This means not viewing the world through the judgement, lenses and stories of our mind. It means stopping viewing the world through a filter, or filters, that we have built up through evaluation without any real truth and through our condition from the minds of others or the collective mind.

When we simply observe without evaluation, there is no judgement, just observation…no violence of our mind. We then actually hear, see and sense what is, rather than what the mind tells us that is.

It is our judgements that feed the suffering and pain within as it always has to be about how it affects the story of ‘little me’ that our mind has created. We can not suffer if we do not judge.

When we use our senses to simply take in the exterior world, simply being in the moment and observing those senses, then there is peace within. When we are truly conscious and at one with all that is, then we realise we are part of everyone and everything, we are all the one life, and none better or worse, no good or bad.

Little me

Beyond our mind and its stories of little me or little you, is the real you and me.

Access it now and always by becoming the silent witness to our thoughts and staying focused on our energy within and being awake and conscious.

This transcendent dimension is the key to human change and to an evolution where we realise we are not our thoughts, we are not the thinker, we are the being beyond that and the ego-driven insanity will disappear.

Little me will become just me.