As adults or as children we love stories, one of the great things about being alive is being able to share and listen to stories. Life would be dull without them.

Yet as a business we talk about benefits, features and other things that stir very little within us.

Every business has a story, each of them is unique and if as a business we dare to tell them, there will be others who are interested. Not everyone, as we are not here for everyone. However, the ones who love what we love will be inspired and will become advocates of our business.

Stories make the world remarkable.

Features and benefits

We buy things without logic, often for reasons we can’t easily verbalise, it comes from the heart.

This is why as marketers we need to tell the real story and create things that people can fall in love with.

That means having a great story, passion and value.

Adding another feature, benefit, widget is easy and no one really cares.

Marketing is everything we do and it starts with a story that others will care about.