Helping others

What we think others need, is actually what we need.

When we judge others, we are really judging ourselves.

When we criticise, judge, compare, even well-intentioned thoughts of helping others, it is actually a reflection of ourselves and our needs. Instead of looking inwardly, our egos make us look outwardly to place our own frustrations on others or to build a feeling of superiority to make us feel better. So we can say that ‘I know best’ or ‘they’re doing it wrong’.

If we all focus on helping ourselves, and not judging, criticising, or ‘helping’ others, then we expand and are able to be an example and bring our light to others, not our interference, coercion or negativity. We have no right to assume we know others inner story or that we know what is best for them. We do not own others, we are all equal souls and can content ourselves with just being and letting others be.

Helping ourselves is a positive thing for ourselves and others, judging or forming opinions of others is only damaging and negative for ourselves and others.


It’s funny how good we are at telling others what to do, say, think, how to behave, what to eat, how to speak, what to wear, what job to do, and so on. We never run out of an opinion.

Yet when we are on the receiving end of others telling us we do not like it. We feel restricted, we feel coerced, we fell controlled. Strange that we then do that internally to ourselves too, the voice of authority that the mind uses.

If we live free from forming opinions of others and ourselves, we live free and we allow others the same.

Don’t tell just be.