Lenses and labels

The mind is a giant labelling gun that labels everything instantly, so much so, that in our unconsciousness, we do not even notice that it is happening. Then places the mind places lenses of filtering the world based on the label/judgement.

Try walking down the street or sitting in a room with others or even sitting in a room alone and not label things or people or what people say. Try not to judge or evaluate related to how it will affect us and our story.

The greatest form of intelligence is to observe without evaluation, and that means no judgement, no labelling…simply just observing and just being. This requires consciousness and detaching ourselves from the mind and its ego. We label everything through the judgemental lenses of our mind and once the lense is applied we only sense, see, feel, hear etc through that lense, so we do not actually see what is real, we see it through our mind’s lense.

The filters, labels and judgements of the mind can be removed by remaining conscious and by just being. Not feeling the need to evaluate everything.

What we put in

What if we didn’t judge others? What if we looked for the good and not the bad? What if we automatically trusted others? What if we choose kindness? What if we listened instead of speaking? What if we shared instead of accumulated? What if we choose to let go? What if we choose to forgive? What if we choose to give instead of taking? What if we looked for what people did right not what they did wrong? What if we were the first to change? What if we were brave enough?

These are all choices we can make now and for as long as we choose.

The world always reflects back what we put in.