Suffering is a choice

Whatever others choose to do it can only affect us if we choose it to.

Our mind and its stories about ‘little me’ and our ego are delicate fragile things that the mind will easily create a victim story from and then bring us pain and suffering. Once we energise it and give it attention, then the mind will drag us to the next thing.

If we choose to accept others and what is, then we will not become the victim. We can still verbalise outwardly our view, but without the pain and attachment to the victim story what we verbalise will be from a position of calm and peace.

Anger is driven from the sadness and pain that the ego creates. Once we become the story the mind will continue to bring more suffering. Often, it becomes so normal that we become the identity and the mind does everything then to keep that going as we feel it is who we are, we live the life of a victim.

Peace comes from acceptance and conscious awareness that what others do or say is not our business and we can only suffer if we allow ourselves to and identify with the stories in our mind.

With no self

With no self, there is nothing to fear, there is no calamity, no worry, no pain.

Self is a creation of the mind and is not from our soul. It is a collection of mental forms, labels, memories wrapped in fragile tissue paper in our mind, it’s what we falsely identify as ourselves.

It is a delicate thing easily injured or hurt and if we identify with our self, then we suffer the hurt and injury both mentally and physically.

It is self that causes suffering within and without. The collective suffering is the collective self.

The state of pure conscious being is free from self. Our essence is not driven by a story of ‘me’.

Our soul is hidden from us by identifying with self.

With no self comes liberation, freedom, life, joy, love and the power of creation and the universe.