Embracing different

The closer we get to the opposite, to the different, to strangers, then the more we understand.

If we only experience our ‘bubble’ of life, then we lack the ability to truly understand and empathise with another.

Much of the violence both physical and mental is created from a lack of understanding as we stay within our echo-chambers and become fuelled with hate for anything different.

If we embrace differences we grow more together and become less disconnected and less fearful.

Hung up on words

Sometimes we get stuck with words.

We are conditioned to communicate with words.

Often, no words can say a great deal more.

We can transmit our messages in so many ways other than words.

Our ball of energy, essential what we are, sends messages and vibrations all the time, which we are not aware of as we are in the mind busying ourselves with words.

It’s just we are hung up on words.