Life is an adventure, that does not have to mean white-water rafting, bungee jumping or swimming with sharks.

It is our adventure, it is personal. What is a brave step to me, may well be an everyday thing to you.

The thing is we just need to take the first step, whatever that is, our purpose as a human soul is to live not to think about living.


We are now almost unable to cope with unexpected.

We have been conditioned so long to safe, certain, risk-free, ironclad, sure things that when the wheels come off, we seem to go into individual or collective meltdown.

Human beings came from the plains of Africa 70,000 years ago to inhabit every corner of the globe and thrived on what was around the next corner, thrived on unexpected, relished the adventure that is the magic of life and overcame unbelievable obstacles and setbacks.

Now, if the milk is one day out-of-date panic breaks out.

Plain sailing never stays that way, look forward to the unexpected and drop the fear of it. Life is amazing when we do not know the outcome.